Júlia Both

Stormbird press

Graphic Design

Stormbird Press is an independent Australian publishing company specialised in books with environmental and social messages.

I design book covers for their titles that are striking and stand out from other books in similar categories, that work for both physical and online stores in a wide range of sizes, and that can form a good basis for promotional materials.


Living Water

by José Truda Palazzo Jr

The identity for this book about marine conservation alludes to both marine ecosystems and storytelling, using the letterforms of the logo to create a series of plankton characters.



The Heresies

by Jed Brody

This series of novels with an environmental message have bold and intriguing covers that reference the main plot points, growing in meaning as you read each book.

“Danielle’s home is a dystopian city beneath the earth’s surface. People have lived underground for so long that knowledge of the surface is preserved only in dwindling communities of persecuted heretics. ”

Artboard 1final6.png

The Suicide Season

by Jeremy Gadd

The cover for this novel about a businessman in Sydney leaving everything to go on an outback adventure is a visual synopsis of the book, contrasting the two very Australian locations where the story unfolds.


“When demoralised Warren Yeats abandons his failing business, his ex-wife and his city lifestyle to embark on a road trip with more twists and turns than Sydney’s streets, he has no idea how gruelling the outback can be.”

More books coming soon.