Voices of the Painted City

Voices of the Painted City

A book of critical discussions on Street Art & Graffiti in Melbourne. 

Is art on the streets, once rebellious, becoming too commodified? Does Street Art accelerate gentrification, and does Graffiti do the opposite? Why are there so many more successful male artists in the field, while women are one of the main subjects of Street Art? 

Maybe none of those questions have straight forward answers, but they're certainly worth exploring. 

I've lived in Melbourne since 2013 working as a mural artist and being immersed in the city's culture of art on the streets. I've met so many inspiring people and had countless conversations about how art affects this place. Over time, I've become deeply interested in the more controversial aspects of Street Art and Graffiti. 

I want to have conversations about these topics with the people that have created, observed and contributed to this thriving cultural scene in Melbourne. I want to hear their ideas on art on the streets, how it affects people and places, how it challenges or reinforces aspects of our society. And I want to share those discussions in a publication that will instigate people to think about art on public spaces under a more critical lens.


Right now, I am in the early stages of the project and would love any tips, links, reading suggestions, contacts you think I should speak to, or anything that might be helpful. Please get in touch, it is much appreciated. 

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BOTH is a Brazilian artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work explores duality and the relationships between the macro and microcosmos, inspired by plants, nebulae, sex & dreams. She expresses it on vibrant walls, zines, exhibitions and more. 

BOTH é uma artista Brasileira trabalhando em Melbourne, na Austrália. Sua arte explora dualidade e relações entre o cosmos interno e externo, inspirada por plantas, nebulosas, sexo e sonhos. Ela se expressa em murais, ilustrações, exibições e muito mais.