Júlia Both

O-I Glass

Art Design + Project Management

Improving a business’ image, making a neighbourhood better and preventing vandalism in a single project.

In 2016 O-I Glass needed to solve a problem with their factory building in Spotswood: their 200m long external wall (visible from the West Gate bridge) was covered in recurring vandalism. With the suburb becoming more residential and attracting a growing number of families, O-I Glass wanted their facade to be more pleasant to the public, and draw attention to their company’s work.


Art Design

The 200m long art piece I designed featured parts of the company’s history and sustainability goals (glass being a better packaging alternative for our marine life than plastic). To prevent vandalism, I consulted with and hired a team of local artist widely respected within the graffiti community, and allocated sections of the wall for them to contribute their work.

Project Management

I managed the project’s execution to the company’s strict heath and safety standards over four weeks, delivering a huge art piece that was received positively by the client and the local residents and successfully reduced vandalism, on budget and on time.