Júlia Both

Learn by Doing

Experience Design + User Research + Graphic Design

How can we help young professionals learn about emerging technology in a fun, collaborative environment?

Melbourne Learn by Doing is a new event where designers and developers can come together to practice technical and agile skills through building MVPs in short sprints.


Graphic Design

I designed a branding package for the event, applied to presentations and online pages. The pattern (created with characters used in computer code) clearly references programming and technology while being fun, approachable and dynamic – Just like the event intends to be.

User research

To help design the format of the event, I carried out a survey amongst young design graduates and attendees of recent Hackathons in Melbourne, identifying pain points and opportunities.


Experience Design

We have designed an event format and are just about to run our first test sprint and gather feedback.

Artboard 1pattern.png