Júlia Both
Júlia Both

Jewel of the palace:
The creative work of Júlia Palazzo

Júlia is a prolific creative woman inspired by nature & femininity. 
She makes awe inspiring visual art & uses her skills to help build incredible creative projects.


"pa·laz·zo  (pə-lät′sō) : 
A large, splendid residence or building, such as a palace or museum."


Recent projects

April 2016

The new issue of the Dream Turf zine is out, over 40 pages of art sharing Júlia's bizarre dream stories. 

Each zine is bound by hand with hemp thread, printed in Melbourne and available for only $5 + free shipping within Australia. 

February 2016

Júlia has just started a new collaborative series in her partnership, Mayfield Palace. They completed the first mural in February, as part of the St Kilda Festival. 

Woodford Folk Festival
January 2016

Collaborating through Mayfield Palace, Júlia transformed the beer garden in one of the venues for Woodford Folk Festival 2015-16.