Júlia created this exhibition in October 2015, collaborating with Chuck Mayfield for their partnership, Mayfield Palace. They created a body of work for a new cafe that celebrated the start of spring, bringing together natural and urban elements from their distinct individual styles. The series was exhibited at Uncle & Jak Cafe in Fitzroy, with a launch event sponsored by Mountain Goat Beer. 

BOTH is a Brazilian artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work explores duality and the relationships between the macro and microcosmos, inspired by plants, nebulae, sex & dreams. She expresses it on vibrant walls, zines, exhibitions and more. 

BOTH é uma artista Brasileira trabalhando em Melbourne, na Austrália. Sua arte explora dualidade e relações entre o cosmos interno e externo, inspirada por plantas, nebulosas, sexo e sonhos. Ela se expressa em murais, ilustrações, exibições e muito mais.